Business Literacy Training

Most company leaders would like their employees to understand the business. After all, people who know the financial implications of their actions are likely to make better decisions. But conventional business-literacy training is usually expensive, ineffective, or both. Classroom instruction in how to read an income statement or a balance sheet often makes people’s eyes glaze over. Anyway, that kind of financial literacy isn’t too helpful for the everyday decisions people have to make on the job.

So we take a different approach.

We focus employees’ attention on the numbers that matter. We help them understand why those numbers are important. And we keep the costs low. Here’s what’s involved:

  • If you don’t already have a key performance metric, we will help you develop one. Depending on your business, it might be billable hours, gross margin percentage, or something else entirely. The metric should be easy to understand, and it should link directly to the company’s financial results.
  • Next, we develop workshop materials based on the metric, and we review them with your management team. The purpose of the materials is to show the direct links between what people do on the job, the metric, and the company’s performance.
  • Then we initiate a series of interactive 60-minute sessions, usually conducted remotely, for between 5 and 15 students at a time.
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These are not accounting classes. Rather, they provide basic training in your business and show employees how they can track and assess their own performance. They create a common language in your company, and they help you build engagement and buy-in by creating the possibility of quick wins.

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