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Our goal is to help you improve your business results—and the lives of the employees who drive those results.

Economic Engagement Implementation

Transform your company by getting every employee engaged in making money.

Customer Interviews

Learn more about your marketplace. Boost your repeat and referral business. We’ll make the calls for you or show you how to get your employees involved.

Business Literacy Training

Teach employees your company’s key financial numbers through this customized, non-classroom method.

Specialized Services

Gainsharing plan design. Core-customer analysis. Annual and quarterly strategic planning support. Business valuation and equity incentive plan support.


Economic Engagement is a way of running a company that helps everyone think and act like businesspeople. Like owners.

ECONOMIC ENGAGEMENT: The World’s Shortest Guide to Better Performance and More Engaged Employees

The Three Key Elements of Economic Engagement

A Brief History of a Business Movement

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Our Approach

Our Approach

We offer rigorous, time-tested methodologies. We keep your costs low, and we offer a no-nonsense guarantee of client satisfaction.

Our Team

Our Team

Head coach Bill Fotsch is a graduate engineer and Harvard MBA who has helped hundreds of companies achieve great results through an engaged workforce.

“Companies that practice economic engagement
have captured some sort of lightning in a bottle.”

-Training magazine

Recent Articles

  • The other day, Bill told John a story about a coaching engagement he had embarked on some years ago.   “It was with a large media company,” he said. “The company’s executives were convinced that they wanted to pursue economic engagement. They had already......

  • Call it the Curse of the Company Owner: nonstop, 24/7 responsibility for the business, usually accompanied by 80-hour weeks and exactly no work-life balance. The curse leads a lot of entrepreneurs to make a firm resolution every January 1st. This year, I’ll let go......

  • CEO of Seattle’s Gravity Payments, he’s the guy who promised to raise every employee’s annual salary to at least $70,000 over the next three years. This is where he is now. Source: Forbes | Two Cheers For The ,000-A-Year Minimum Wage...

OBM at Anthony Wilder Design/Build

Anthony Wilder Design/Build, an award-winning home-remodeling company, uses economic engagement to increase teamwork, company spirit, and profitability.

Leadership Styles: Turning Employees Into Owners

A few years ago, the owners of a Maryland architectural firm opened up their books for all employees to see. Now, the founders are demonstrating effective leadership and getting employees involved. They’re turning everyone into owners.

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