Our Services

Our Services

Our goal is to help you improve your business results—and the lives of the employees who drive those results.  While we customize our support to match each client’s needs, below you will find a brief description of our services.

Economic Engagement Implementation

Economic engagement gives your company what Training magazine once called “lightning in a bottle.” Once the system is up and running, employees throughout the organization see the connection between what they do every day and the company’s business results. And they begin figuring out how to improve those results. Learn more.

Customer Interviews

If there’s one thing we all have learned during the past several years, it’s that the financials aren’t the only numbers company owners should be watching. They may help you keep costs in line, but they don’t tell you what’s happening in the marketplace. Learn more.

Business Literacy Training

Most company leaders would like their employees to understand the business.  After all, people who know the financial implications of their actions are likely to make better decisions. But conventional business-literacy training is usually expensive, ineffective, or both. So we take a different approach. Learn more. 

Specialized Services

We offer a variety of specialized services, including Gainsharing plan design.  Core-customer analysis. Annual and quarterly strategic planning support. Business valuation and equity incentive plan support. Learn more.